Through a Wedding Photographers Eye; 

My Philosophy of Wedding Photography

by Rick DeLorme

First, I know how to make the wedding day STRESS FREE by helping you make an excellent wedding-day plan. And the wedding day should be exactly that, a wedding day, not a day-long photo session. Secondly, I want to create portraits, candid images and photojournalism that capture the feelings, excitement, relationships and memories of your wedding day. I prefer to do all of this quite unobtrusively. Some of the guests have asked if a photographer was covering the wedding day at all!! That's how I prefer to work, quietly and out of the way and yet creating all the images that you want to have.

I know that the wedding day will be remembered through the photographer's eyes, his heart, his talent and his willingness to work hard to create beautiful images. There is definitely more work involved in doing something really nice in wedding photography. And I know how to make it all happen in a stress-free manner while providing spectacular photography. My clients tell me that my images become the keepsakes of a lifetime, their most treasured possessions.

Never Any Shortcuts. Photography is my passion and I love the creative process. Lighting is one of the details to which I give my greatest attention. So, I do not attach a flash to any of my cameras! Are there any other photographers who can say this? I believe that placing a flash on the camera is a shortcut. This is how snapshots are made, not professional wedding photographs! Unless I am using natural sources of light, I use multiple sources of off-camera flash for all of my wedding images. My lighting techniques represent more work and greater cost to me, but I believe the results are worth it.

Never any shortcuts .... only my best.

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Careful planning is critical for a smooth-running wedding day and  I want to fit into your wedding day plans.  I spend time with you before, during and after your wedding day to plan the most beautiful and pleasing memories. I plan enough time in my wedding photography to use beautiful off-camera lighting and special posing techniques that make everyone look their very best for the posed portraits.  I want to take the time to be patient and to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I make every effort to totally please you and want all of my time with you to be pleasant and enjoyable.

Yes, Mars was really in the sky behind Johnna and Jason. It is enlarged here for the special effect.

From start to finish, a wedding accounts for sixty or more hours of my time including the time for the Premier Showing of your wedding images. During the Premiere Showing I help you plan your wedding album and parents' albums, page by page. During the production of your wedding album, I take the time to enhance every image you have chosen. And all of my photographs are first quality, real RA-4 color chemistry photographs, not ink jet prints. (Not a single proof is ever made or placed in any album.)...Never any shortcuts, only my best!

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FACIAL RETOUCHING AND SCENE ENHANCING ART WORK are other reasons that my photography is so unusual. Packages include computer-based art and enhancement techniques that make the images even better than the originals and better than pictures made from film alone. Make an appointment to see these unusual images on display in the studio. The visit to the studio will be well worth your time!

Careful planning also includes suggestions to make the first time that you see each other on your wedding day to be one of the most romantic events of your relationship. This will help to create the wedding of your dreams, a wedding day that will live forever in memory and photography.

I truly enjoy photographing weddings and creating exciting images of a couple in love, their families and closest friends. More than a few of my brides have made the ultimate compliment and told me that their wedding album and wedding day have exceeded their dreams.
Its the lighting!
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