Destination Weddings

Are You Looking For A Great Photographer Who Will Go Anywhere In The World?

Ashford Castle, County Mayo, Ireland

DeLorme Photography has photographed weddings worldwide. It was a great honor to photograph this incredible wedding in Ireland. When you visit the studio you can see the entiire album. Ashford Castle dates back to the year 1228 and is now a hotel. What a wonderful location THIS would be for a spectacular wedding or for a romantic honeymoon.

Rick LOVES destination weddings!

He is willing to offer more to his destination couples because he looks for every opportunity to create images and storybooks that are truly spectacular. What could be better than a wedding in a beautiful natural area or historic location of the world and having the photographer of your choice go there with you to cover every detail over a period of several days? .....well, almost every detail.

On display in the studio is an album from a wedding Rick photographed in Australia. He has also has display albums from weddings in North Carolina, Florida, Mexico, California and Mackinac Island.

Several of his clients are photographers from around the world who have asked Rick to photograph their weddings or to photograph their daughter's weddings.

See Rick's newest display albums from weddings he has recently photographed at a castle in Ireland (photo above), beautiful homes in Barbados and at a spectacular resort in Jamaica.

Given the world situation and the changing customs requirements of all countries, photographing destination weddings is far more complicated now than it was just a few years ago. Professional photographers can no longer just take their gear, get on a plane and work in a foreign country. Failure to follow each country's customs and work laws may result in failure to be allowed into the country of the destination wedding. Some photographers have even been arrested in foreign countries for lying about being working photographers. Rick knows how to abide by laws and customs procedures to assure that there are no problems when photographing destination weddings.

Would you like advice about selecting a destination for your wedding? Call Rick to chat about your plans! 810-667-6700

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