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Special offers are made for winter weddings (even in Florida). Special offers are also made for all Friday weddings, Sunday weddings and for all last minute bookings.


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The Cost

When you come to the studio to book your wedding, you can lock in the exact amount your wedding photography will cost. Nothing extra!

Beautiful Wedding album packages begin at $1995. Some dates are available as non-album packages at a lower price point.
Please call so we can chat about your wedding photography needs! 810-667-6700.

A retainer of $500 reserves the date. The retainer is completely refundable for ten days.

If you are looking for truly spectacular wedding photography produced by a Master of Photography, a visit to Rick's studio will be well worth your time.

Rick Offers Several Wedding Photography Packages.

PLUS! So many wedding couples have regretted their choice of a wedding photographer that DeLorme Photography now offers a Second Chance photography package to recreate photographs at the church, outdoors and possibly even at the reception venue. Rick has lots of connections and can help with rescheduling.

All wedding packages include:

    1. Rick DeLorme, Master of Photography, photographs all weddings!
    2. Weddings With Lighting Like The Movies! Rick's special unobtrusive, off-camera lighting is used for all weddings! Unlike other photographers Rick does not use flash-on-camera lighting. Rick believes that the worst place for a flash is ON the camera. Come to the studio to see how Rick's lighting really works!
    3. Wedding photography is done right! Quality wedding photography is a big project. Rick and his staff typically invest 50 or more hours in each wedding.
    4. Rick's primary wedding products are wedding albums. All wedding albums are made with real, color-chemistry photographs produced by a professional service bureau. There are NO ink jet photographs, NO press-printed albums and NO peel-and-stick albums.
    5. Rick brings an assistant to make the photography go quickly and smoothly.
    6. Only the finest, state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line, professional cameras are used.-
    7. You have several choices of custom-made, flush-mount, panorama-style wedding albums of the highest quality including custom photo covers, crystal-clear covers and covers made with glove leather, suede leather, distressed leather and textured leather in a wide variety of colors.
    8. Photojournalism: another of Rick's strengths, most images are not planned or posed but caught in the act.
    9. A day or two before the wedding, a planning session is held to prepare a written itinerary for the whole day. This assures that the day will go according to the wishes of the bride and groom.
    10. Copies of the itinerary are distributed at rehearsal so that everyone knows the plan. When every one knows the plan, the day goes very smoothly.
    11. A free family portrait session may be scheduled anytime.
    12. Rick posts wedding images on line,
    13. Your wedding package: Do you have something specific in mind? Let's chat about your specific needs! Custom packages are developed on request.

Most wedding packages include:

    1. No time limit,
    2. The creation of an unlimited number of images from which to choose (HUNDREDS of images),
    3. Unlimited locations on your wedding day
    4. Rick stays late at the reception! These images are some of the most exciting and fun images of the day captured with really cool lighting,
    5. A flexible photography allowance which allows many custom album features as well as photographs which may be placed on walls or table tops,
    6. Retouching of faces to make everyone look their best,
    7. Scene-enhancing art work to make indoor an outdoor scenes even better,

    8. Body shaping; very subtle, convincing and flattering art work,
    9. Enhancement of wedding dress detail. Some lighting situations, especially outdoors, make it difficult to see good detail in the fabric and elements of your weddig dress. We bring back the detail in your dress,
    10. Album page collages to make your photography even more spectacular; hours of art work that create a truly custom look offered by very few studios (see samples when you visit the studio),
    11. Black and white photography at no extra charge,
    12. An engagement session with beautiful outdoor settings done on a sunset beach in Florida or at the studio in Michigan,
    13. As an option, Rick's five-light portrait system on location (usually at the church) to provide studio-quality photographs of the bride, the groom, their families and the wedding party,
    14. Your digital photo files and wedding album page files so that no matter what happens to your photographs, they can live forever,

    15. A DVD slide show of your wedding photo files,
    16. Wedding images may seen and the album may be planned as soon as one day following the wedding.

Yes, have your engagement session on a gorgeous beach of sea oats and sand dunes! These sessions are normally done during the months of January, February and March so all we have to do is find a suitable time to meet there. And the session is included with all of Rick's wedding packages!! SWEET SEE PICTURES
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