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To receive a new Senior Brochure, please call the studio at 810-667-6700

A Message From Rick DeLorme, The Owner Of DeLorme Photography

If you are looking for a photographer who loves to create beautiful indoor and stunning outdoor images, I would like to work for you. So please pick up the phone right now and call me so we can chat about your vision for your senior pictures.

The most popular of my senior sessions is called the Eveninglight Session. Eveninglight refers to the time of day and the quality of light that I like to use for my senior portrait sessions. In the field of cinematography it is called the "magic hour". The evening, from 6 pm through sunset and the sweet light that follows, is the best time for the most spectacular senior pictures. Indoors or outdoors, the session is yours to do whatever you like.

If you like, we can begin at your home with one-of-a-kind photographs done in your room or anywhere you like. All the special things of your life are right there. Once you arrive at the studio the entire evening is just for you and you choose the scenes you like. You begin by moving in to the dressing room and it is yours for the whole evening. You will have plenty of time to change clothes, check your hair and be sure that everything is just right. You can be relaxed and really enjoy the entire session.

I also have new indoor scenes and now offers fantastic deals for indoor-only packages. Pricing is amazingly simple at DeLorme Photography. There is no minimum order. Get what YOU want! And lots of really cool and valuable freebies are included with orders at DeLorme Photography.

Whether you want the full session or only the half session, you will be the only senior scheduled for the evening. How would you like a session that offers six outfits and a dozen different scenes indoors and outdoors? That's the full session. The half session: easy math, three outfits and six scenes. Would you like to be photographed only indoors? OK! Only Outdoors? OK!

Maybe you will want a beautiful sunset by the lake to complete your session. I will guarantee that you will have the sunset you want. If the sunset is not perfect on your evening, you may return to the studio on another evening for a golden lakeside sunset. Guaranteed!

BE CAREFUL! A number of yearbook teachers are warning seniors to be careful about their senior picture decisions. It seems that many of the yearbook photos they receive are far below standards, are late or are never sent at at all.
LATE SPRING (May and early June) sessions typically offer the best outdoor photography.


1. The grass, trees and flowers are at their best. Later in the summer things can look dry and less colorful. THE FLOWER FIELDS DON'T LAST LONG.

2. Temperature and humidity are usually lower which make the session more comfortable, less sticky and you have better hair.

3. There are fewer mosquitoes and other bugs.

4. There are nice discounts for Rick's spring seniors.


My Studio is located on ten acres between the towns of Davison and Lapeer. A little off the beaten path, there are many scenic areas around the studio and the lake is just a mile down the road. Many of my seniors want to complete their session in the beautiful scenes around the lake.

When you come to my studio you will choose the scenes you like. We begin the session by looking at lots of senior pictures from other years. Then you tell me which scenes you prefer and I make a written list. Then we look at your clothing and assign every outfit to a scene. When the written plan is complete, we begin taking pictures. The planning portion of the session takes only about fifteen minutes. Every session includes a yearbook photo made to your schools written specifications.


Having the entire evening means that I can take the time to do some really creative work and give each senior the choice of every scene. There is also time to use the latest computer techniques to make the pictures even more perfect. Didn't get a great sunset? My image enhancements can make it better!

Fantastic pictures are a sure thing at DeLorme Photography with the Total Money-Back Guarantee.You must be completely and totally pleased with your senior portraits or you will be offered a complete refund! (call for details)

Just ask any of my previous seniors from your school!

My studio looks like a country cottage and is located on a beautiful ten-acre site 15 minutes from downtown Davison, 15 minutes from downtown Lapeer and 35 minutes from downtown Clarkston. The studio has two porches, french wood doors, a bay window, an oak staircase, an oak balcony and dozens of outdoor scenes. A lake is just around the corner. The outdoor site is wooded with hillsides, tall grass, and gardens which are maintained by a professional gardener. I also has access to many unique locations such as horse farms, barns, wheat fields and other one-of-a-kind places.
To receive a Senior Brochure, or to book an appointment, please call the studio at 810-667-6700.
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